Unapologetically, Imperfectly, Perfectly Me

Cuss words and all, I am unapologetically imperfectly perfectly me!

Hey y’all! Let me introduce myself. I’m Heather, Queen Vagabond, and I am going to share with you my weight loss journey toward holistic health. When I first sat down to think about my introduction I realized that my experiences have been a crazy rollercoaster, full of emotion, fun journeys, challenging circumstances and the unexpected, but that’s also the beauty in any journey. Through this blog I aspire to help you find your confidence with regard to your personal weight loss journey; that no matter where you are, you can climb that mountain, and we can do it together.

Growing up on the eastern side of Washington state, country music was as close as I would get to my dream of being a slim, sexy badass, boot wearin’, gunslinging “southern girl” with an accent, a handsome cowboy by my side, living on our 1,000 acre farm with a slew of horses, three perfect kids, and no debt… all the while I’d manage my own entertainment corporation. Because, you know, that’s realistic. Damn you, Disney and Dolly, LOL! I believed I could be and do anything my imagination could conjure up. My struggle with my weight began, well…that struggle has always been with me. But with certainty I can say the awareness that I should lose weight crept into my mind in the first grade, thus the Weight Loss title. WOW, to think I carried the weight of that burden around with me for 32 years! Somewhere along the way, though, I got in my own way.

Man, life evolved for me in a manner with which I could have never expected. But with time, change happens and we adjust, don’t we? We either adjust to remain comfortable or we grow/evolve. I currently live in Southern Indiana and work in Louisville, KY. In the past 10 years, I’ve bounced around from city to city and state to state for my career, hence the Vagabond title. A lot of miles have been traveled in my pursuit of holistic health. I am thankful that I still have a lot to learn about what holistic health means and a lot of life left to live in that pursuit.

Listen, for most of us who are on this journey, it can be a real bitch. [By the way, you’ll quickly learn that I throw the occasional curse word out there. It’s me.] But, it can also be empowering and ultimately beautiful. Don’t get me wrong; I make mistakes, there has been a lot of self loathing, I’ve been selfish and lost relationships that I held dear but ultimately, it’s worth it. Today, I realize that the life I’d always dreamt of was always possible and should I choose, still is possible. You see, my journey has also taught me valuable skills, and I’ll share those with you; the ugly, the good, and the great. As long as we are willing, our health and happiness is worth the journey…wherever it takes us.

Of course, I can’t can tell you my whole story in one introductory blog post, so I guess you’ll just have to come back and visit from time to time. 🙂

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