Skin Removal Journey, Part 3

Week 2 was pretty much more of the same as week one… rest, change bandages, manage pain, and repeat. I did try to be more active by shuffling around the house (couldn’t stand up straight yet) and making short trips to the store with Mini Vagabond. My incisions continued healing well, and I had a follow up appointment with Hot Dr. and had my second drain tube removed – hallelujah!

Week 2 Post-Op Appointment
The nurse added tape over my incisions for extra support as my sutures started healing.

Week 3 came with more independence! I am sure Mini Vagabond was over the moon excited that she was no longer my babysitter.


  • A regular bowel movement schedule has taken place. Can a girl getta “AMEN!”
  • Getting in and out of my bed myself.
  • Walking for short distances, with as much of a normal gait as I could muster.
  • DRIVING! (since I stopped taking my pain meds) Woot-woot!
  • Brushing, hair drying, reaching as long as I move slowly.
Memorial Day Progress

A new challenge was going back to work following Memorial Day. I am lucky enough to be allowed to telework from home until Hot Dr. fully clears me to return to work. With this change I had to purchase a desk of some sort and an office chair for my house that would fit in my room. IKEA had a few great items that were just what I needed. My dream line is the called FJÄLLBO; I purchased the Laptop table in black as well as the shelf unit in black. These items are space conscious and match my rustic chic bedroom style. You can see them in the picture.

I’ll tell you what, after my first full day of “working” I could feel the physical tension manifesting from the fast-paced stressful decisions I used to routinely make. I think I felt the physical aspects of the stress much more than I was prepared for. Despite feeling prepared and able to sit in my new office space in my room, by 2 pm I was in bed with my legs elevated and my wedge pillow under head. I emailed my nursing staff and informed them of the muscle spasms in my shoulders and asked if it would be appropriate to get a refill on the muscle relaxers. I quickly heard back and picked up my prescription for today. This addition really helped as did remembering to drink water every half hour.

I tried to make a point to not only drink more water, but to also get up and walk around every half hour. Go out to the living room and play/pet/brush my pups/cat. I need to remember it’s important to not over do it and to communicate clearly with my bosses about my limitations and progress both job related and health wise. Honest communication can be intimidating but trust me, you don’t want to push your body to the point where it breaks down and you cannot commit to your job 100%. Or worse, you have some kind of setback in your surgery recovery.

Week 3 Incisions

At my 3 week post-op, Hot Dr. was satisfied with my progress and not disappointed in any of the areas he performed his magic on. I noticed that my right underarm area is drooping a bit, when I pointed this out to him he informed me that he had to stop the incision somewhere. He removed so much tissue he didn’t think it would have been safe to try to go after more. It sounds like my best option to address this area will be a year or two from now, after I have continued to heal and tried to address it with a good workout routine. I trust he will provide me with the best steps forward, until then keep pushing people. My next follow up is in 3 weeks!

Keep trekking on your health journey. I’d love to hear from you all. Do you have any questions? Or just want to share a victory you’ve had? If I get enough questions I will address them on Instagram.

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