My New Anthem: You Look Good

My skin removal surgery is tomorrow. TOMORROW. And I’m not freaking out at all. (LIE)

Music has always been good for my soul. There’s a perfect song out there for every emotion or circumstance.

Lady Antebellum’s new song, You Look Good, is helping me maintain a positive state of mind as I finish my pre-op prep and get my head ready for what’s to come. You can’t help but have a little swagger in your step as you listen to the beat! I’m considering playing this song for my surgeon tomorrow to make sure he’s also in the right head space for my surgery… is that too much?? 😉

Anyways, I thought I’d share it with all of you to help you get some swagger in your step and finish out this week STRONG. Enjoy!

Cover image is a screen grab of the Vevo music video and the property of it’s respective owner.

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