The Weight Loss Vagabond is my story, and it’s your story….it’s OUR story. You see, weight loss isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. You might be at the beginning of your weight loss journey, which some call “Point A”, and wondering how you’re going to reach “Point B.” Points A, B, C, etc. are merely dots on the map of life, and there is no direct route to get where you are going. The fun, and struggle, is in the journey.

Or, you might have been on your weight loss journey for awhile now, but find yourself at a crossroads. Should you keep trudging along or turn around and go back to what’s comfortable and familiar?

Still more of you may have started on your journey with the end destination being a smaller, svelter version of yourself, and now you look at the mirror and realize you reached your destination. What do you do now? You maintain, that’s what you do. You revel in the fact that you are there. You enjoy that destination for what it is and plan if and where you want to travel to next.

The Weight Loss Vagabond is intended to be a source of realism about weight loss as influenced by my personal weight loss journey.